State Of The Art, 26,000 Square Feet Facility
Built For Entrepreneurs, By An Entrepreneur!

“Before the day I die. This is how I know I’ve succeeded: In middle school, when you get to choose which careers you're interested in, there better be a check box that says, “Entrepreneur.”

Anik Singal
CEO & Founder of Lurn

In the USA, and the world today…

There are hundreds of THOUSANDS of places you can go that encourage and nurture employees. But it’s hard to find a place that fully embraces those “crazy” enough to become Entrepreneurs.

Lurn’s mission is to change that. That's why we’ve built our first ever, Lurn Center, here in Rockville, MD.

Anik's vision started years ago when he was just a kid. He was the one setting up a lemonade stand, and hiring younger kids to sell lemonade for him.

But it all came to a head when Anik started college.

He grew up in a family of engineers, lawyers and doctors.

Anik's dad moved to the United States from India, with just $16 in his pocket. He became a successful engineer, and went on to carve out an amazing life for their family.

Anik was destined to follow a very similar path. He enrolled in the University of Maryland School of Medicine. It started off well, but it didn’t go too far. Anik woke up one morning and realized “Whoa, this is not gonna work.”

So he decided to pivot and go to business school, thinking this was where he belonged. Come to find that business school also wasn’t his true passion.

Anik's heart and soul belonged to Entrepreneurship.

He made up his mind to pursue that path, but his entrepreneurial journey hasn’t been an overnight-success. Far from it.

Actually, it was a constant struggle in the beginning.

Through it all, besides some online forums and communities, Anik really didn’t have a place he could go to where he felt at home as an Entrepreneur. A place that Entrepreneurs like himself could call home, where there are other like minded people, who we could relate to one another and even bounce ideas off of each other. A place where there is access to all the tools and resources Entrepreneurs needed to succeed.

It was very frustrating and limiting not having a community, a home when Anik was first starting out. So he decided back then that once he became more successful, he would do his best to make sure this doesn’t happen to other Entrepreneurs.

Anik made it a mission to change that, and as soon as the opportunity presented itself - he did.

Anik wanted to build a facility that Entrepreneurs can come to and feel at home. A facility that is a “one-stop-shop” for Entrepreneurs. A facility that has everything to thrive as an Entrepreneur.

That’s when The Lurn Center was born. So, welcome to...

The Lurn Center, THE Transformational Home For Entrepreneurs.

This brings so much JOY to Anik.

Knowing that there’s a facility - a home - built entirely for Entrepreneurs, and that he has played an integral role in bringing it to life.

Anik always wanted to create an environment where Entrepreneurs can nurture their skills and reach their FULL potential. And he's thrilled that the Lurn Center is able to provide that.

But this is just the beginning, you can expect a LOT more from Lurn...

For now, the Lurn Center is for you.

So, whether you have an idea, or you have a full blown business - no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey...

The Lurn Center is your home.

If you’re crazy enough to have an idea that will positively impact the world and make people’s lives better, we’re just as crazy to help you bring that idea to life.

We have everything you need to succeed as an Entrepreneur here at the Lurn Center.

It gives you the community, the platform, and the tools to become the best Entrepreneur you can be.

We have:

  • Front desk services.
  • Private office spaces.
  • Classrooms.
  • TV Studio with state of the art Audio & Video Equipment.
  • Coworking spaces.
  • Live Trainings, Conference & Seminars for Entrepreneurs.
  • 24 hour access.
  • & much more.

When life pushes you...
Stand Straight, Smile & Push It The Heck Back.

Anik Singal

Ready for the transformation? Come on in, we’ll be happy to show you around!